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Medical Technologists analyze samples of blood and other body fluids to determine chemical content, cell count, drug levels or blood type. They will also perform identification tests for specific microorganisms like bacteria or parasites. Preparing the samples for examination, operating automated equipment and specialized instrumentation, performing numerous complicated tests simultaneously, and accurately interpreting the results are all part of a medical technologist’s job. Medical Technologists will also perform documentation, accountability and Quality Assurance activities where necessary. When working with infectious specimens, Infection control, sterilization, decontamination and OS&H protocols must be followed to minimize hazards.


– Degree / Associate Degree/ Diploma in Medical Technology from a recognized university
– Preferably one year of experience working in a medical laboratory (optional)


– Performing daily equipment and other maintenance Ensuring routine maintenance is completed and documented for each department. Managing the section that he/she is assigned to, processing samples and analysing results.
– Ensuring that all sections are clean and tidy.
– Aiding in the preparation of laboratory reagents.
– Assisting in giving instructions to patients.
– Ensuring all samples are transported, received and stored correctly.
– Performing Quality Control and recording, interpreting and reporting results.
– Performing and documenting corrective actions for controls that fall out of range.
– Evaluating test results.
– Ensuring all results are entered in the logbook and reporting forms.
– Preparing monthly statistics forms.
– Training other medical laboratory Technologists, technical staff, students and volunteers.Performing diagnostic analysis on blood, urine, cerebrospinal and other body fluids.

– Operating and maintaining laboratory equipment.

– Decontaminating infectious waste and biohazard materials prior to disposal.

– Ensuring that there are always working materials, reagents, test kits and disposables in the department during and after every shift.

Ensuring medical laboratory reagent and supplies inventory are maintained

– Monitoring reagent/consumables used in each section to ensure the timely indenting of stocks and appropriate recording of consumption in all ledgers.

– Ensuring the blood bank is adequately stocked and managed for optimal use of blood and blood products.



Remuneration is commensurate with qualifications, skillset and expereince.


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